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 100% Natural Loofah:

Crafted from the fibrous insides of a South Asian cucumber like fruit, this 100% natural loofah helps to exfoliate those pores, scrape away dried and dead skin, and is the perfect companion to be used in conjunction with our rugged nature shower soap to leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.



Approx. 10cm by 5cm with a 100% cotton hanging rope. 

Please note: For shipping purposes loofahs may come flattened however they will revert back to their cylindrical shape once soaked. 

Rugged Nature Accessories 

Whilst we don't manufacture all of our accessories ourselves, we do hold all of our inventory in-house (never drop-shipping) and thoroughly test each item to ensure that you always will receive a top quality item. 

We work with manufacturers to ensure eliminate plastic packaging and aim to use sea or train freight (not air) to reduce the carbon footprint wherever we can.